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identifier I0700
alternative_identifiers MP5
country Bulgaria
continent Europe
region Balkans
culture Balkans_MP_Neolithic
epoch Neolithic
group NEBA
comment 1st degree relative of I1108
latitude 43.98
longitude 26.4
sex M
site Malak Preslavets
site_detail -
mt_hg T2e
ychr_hg T1a1a
year_from -5800
year_to -5400
date_detail 5800-5400 calBCE
bp -
c14_lab_code -
c14_sample_tag True
c14_layer_tag -
avg_coverage -
sequence_source bam
FASTA download
references Mathieson et al. 2018. The genomic history of southeastern Europe. Nature, 555(7695), 197-203. (link, data)
ychr_snps T1a:M70:21893881A->C, T1a1a:CTS4916:15900621G->A, T1a1:CTS5542:16350661A->C, T1a1:CTS5690:16433905C->G, T1a1:L454:14577272C->T, T1a:PF7481:21667740A->G, T:CTS493:6794129G->A, T:CTS573:6854139C->T, T:CTS4201:15473615C->T, T:CTS5035:15973979C->A, T:PF5568:21532604G->A, T:PF5609:8886086G->A, T:PF5661:21703373C->A, T:PF7480:21481191C->G