identifier AED_106
alternative_identifiers SAMEA104354379
country Germany
continent Europe
region central Europe
culture Germany_EMA
epoch Middle Ages
group MAGe
comment -
latitude 48.2924
longitude 11.9053
sex M
site Altenerding - Klettham
site_detail spatha, belt, bag, vessel, glass
mt_hg V3
ychr_hg -
year_from 480
year_to 510
date_detail 480 – 510 AD
bp -
c14_lab_code -
c14_sample_tag -
c14_layer_tag True
avg_coverage 232.41
sequence_source bam
FASTA download
references Veeramah et al. 2018. Population genomic analysis of elongated skulls reveals extensive female-biased immigration in Early Medieval Bavaria. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 115(13), 3494-3499. (link, data)
ychr_snps -