identifier ERS1790732
country Lebanon
continent Asia
region Near East
culture Canaanite
epoch Bronze Age
group BANE
comment Middle Bronze Age, id = ENA number
latitude 33.55993
longitude 35.375640000000004
sex M
site Sidon
site_detail burial number 54
mt_hg HV1b1
ychr_hg J2-M12
year_from -1600
year_to -1600
date_detail 1600 BC
bp -
c14_lab_code -
c14_sample_tag -
c14_layer_tag True
avg_coverage 109.0
sequence_source reconstructed
FASTA download
references Haber et al. 2017. Continuity and Admixture in the Last Five Millennia of Levantine History from Ancient Canaanite and Present-Day Lebanese Genome Sequences. The American Journal of Human Genetics, 101(2), 274-282. (link, data)
ychr_snps -