identifier I1710
alternative_identifiers AG83_6
country Jordan
continent Asia
region Near East
culture PPNB
epoch Neolithic
group PPNE
comment -
latitude 31.99
longitude 35.98
sex M
site 'Ain Ghazal
site_detail -
mt_hg T1a2
ychr_hg E1b1b1a
year_from -7733
year_to -7526
date_detail 7733-7526 calBCE (8580±60 BP, Poz-81098)
bp 8580±60
c14_lab_code Poz-81098
c14_sample_tag True
c14_layer_tag -
avg_coverage -
sequence_source <NA>
FASTA download
references Lazaridis et al. 2016. Genomic insights into the origin of farming in the ancient Near East. Nature, 536(7617), 419-424. (link, data)
ychr_snps E1b1b1a:PF2178:21583211C->A, E1b1b1:M5041:21491115A->G, E1b1b:CTS8479.1:18045601C->T, E1:CTS9753:19058376G->A, E:CTS6755:17092499G->T, E:M5382:6631743C->A, E:M5545:21747107T->C, E1b1b1a:CTS2661:14410669C->T, E:PF1567:8908270G->A