identifier I3528
alternative_identifiers GEN85, Grave 276
country Hungary
continent Europe
region Pannonia
culture Bell Beaker
epoch Copper Age
group BBC
comment -
latitude 47.620940000000004
longitude 19.04494
sex M
site Budakalász, Csajerszke (M0 Site 12) 
site_detail -
mt_hg HV4a1+16291
ychr_hg G2a2a1a2a1
year_from -2559
year_to -2301
date_detail 2559-2301 calBCE (3931±31 BP, DeA-11507)
bp 3931±31
c14_lab_code DeA-11507
c14_sample_tag True
c14_layer_tag -
avg_coverage 219.38299999999998
sequence_source bam
FASTA download
references Olalde et al. 2018. The Beaker phenomenon and the genomic transformation of northwest Europe. Nature, 555(7695), 190-196. (link, data)
ychr_snps -