identifier I2364
alternative_identifiers ['GEN_10a', 'Grave 219/B']
country Hungary
continent Europe
region Pannonia
culture Bell Beaker
epoch Copper Age
group BBC
comment -
latitude 47.599159240722656
longitude 19.0545597076416
sex M
site Budapest-Békásmegyer
site_detail -
mt_hg U5a2b
ychr_hg H2
year_from -2468
year_to -2063
date_detail 2468-2063 calBCE [2292-2063 calBCE (3779±28 BP, DeA-6749), 2468-2285 calBCE (3883±29 BP, DeA-7216)]
bp 3883±29
c14_lab_code DeA-7216
c14_sample_tag True
c14_layer_tag -
avg_coverage 119.7020034790039
sequence_source bam
reference Olalde et al. 2018. The Beaker phenomenon and the genomic transformation of northwest Europe. Nature, 555(7695), 190-196. (link)
data_link http://www.ebi.ac.uk/ena/data/view/PRJEB23635
ychr_snps -
mitopathos [{'allele': '11467G', 'position': 11467, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '-', 'locus': ['MT-ND4'], 'diseases': ['Altered brain pH / sCJD patients']}, {'allele': '12308G', 'position': 12308, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '+', 'locus': ['MT-TL2'], 'diseases': ['CPEO / Stroke / CM / Breast & Renal & Prostate Cancer Risk / Altered brain pH /sCJD']}, {'allele': '12372A', 'position': 12372, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '-', 'locus': ['MT-ND5'], 'diseases': ['Altered brain pH / sCJD patients']}, {'allele': '16192T', 'position': 16192, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': 'nr', 'heteroplasmy': 'nr', 'locus': ['MT-CR'], 'diseases': ['Melanoma patients']}, {'allele': '16270T', 'position': 16270, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': 'nr', 'heteroplasmy': 'nr', 'locus': ['MT-CR'], 'diseases': ['Melanoma patients']}]