identifier I2441
alternative_identifiers ['8.V']
country Poland
continent Europe
region central Europe
culture Globular Amphora
epoch Bronze Age
group GAC
comment -
latitude 52.849998474121094
longitude 17.8799991607666
sex M
site Kierzkowo
site_detail -
mt_hg K1b1a1
ychr_hg I2a2a1b
year_from -3400
year_to -2800
date_detail 3400-2800 BCE
bp -
c14_lab_code -
c14_sample_tag -
c14_layer_tag -
avg_coverage 244.5800018310547
sequence_source fasta
reference Tassi et al. 2017. Genome diversity in the Neolithic Globular Amphorae culture and the spread of Indo-European languages. Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 284(1867), 20171540. (link)
data_link https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/nuccore/MF114221
ychr_snps ['I:CTS1800:14073053G->A', 'I:CTS2536:14352669G->A', 'I:CTS6265:16780748C->G', 'I:CTS7831:17692855T->A', 'I:CTS10058:19233673A->G', 'I:FGC2412:21689728A->G', 'I:FGC2415:13835003T->C', 'I:L578:8267857G->A', 'I:L758:8536868C->G', 'I:PF3641:7688470T->C', 'I:PF3665:8643763A->G', 'I:PF3794:21067903C->T', 'I:FI4:8873160G->T', 'I2:PF3664:8567995G->A', 'I:FGC2416:7642823G->T', 'I:PF3815:21841289G->T', 'I:PF3836:22525421T->G', 'I:Z16985:13804066G->C', 'I:CTS7593:17548890G->A', 'I:CTS5650:16415916A->G', 'I2a2a1:CTS9183:18732197A->G', 'I2a2:P217:7628484C->T', 'I2a2:L35:22725379C->A', 'I2a2:L181:19077754G->T', 'I:CTS9618:18992894T->C', 'I2a2a1b:CTS10057:19232160C->T']
mitopathos [{'allele': '10398G', 'position': 10398, 'status': 'Reported / lineage L & M marker / also hg IJK', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '-', 'locus': ['MT-ND3'], 'diseases': ['PD protective factor / longevity / altered cell pH / metabolic syndrome / breast cancer risk / Leigh Syndrome risk / ADHD / cognitive decline / SCA2 age of onset / Fuchs endothelial corneal dystrophy']}, {'allele': '11467G', 'position': 11467, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '-', 'locus': ['MT-ND4'], 'diseases': ['Altered brain pH / sCJD patients']}, {'allele': '12308G', 'position': 12308, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '+', 'locus': ['MT-TL2'], 'diseases': ['CPEO / Stroke / CM / Breast & Renal & Prostate Cancer Risk / Altered brain pH /sCJD']}, {'allele': '12372A', 'position': 12372, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '-', 'locus': ['MT-ND5'], 'diseases': ['Altered brain pH / sCJD patients']}, {'allele': '13967T', 'position': 13967, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '-', 'locus': ['MT-ND5'], 'diseases': ['Possible LHON factor']}, {'allele': '15257A', 'position': 15257, 'status': 'Conflicting reports', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '-', 'locus': ['MT-CYB'], 'diseases': ['LHON']}, {'allele': '16093C', 'position': 16093, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': '-', 'heteroplasmy': '+', 'locus': ['MT-CR'], 'diseases': ['Cyclic Vomiting Syndrome']}, {'allele': '5913A', 'position': 5913, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '-', 'locus': ['MT-CO1'], 'diseases': ['Prostate Cancer / hypertension']}, {'allele': '9055A', 'position': 9055, 'status': 'Reported', 'homoplasmy': '+', 'heteroplasmy': '-', 'locus': ['MT-ATP6'], 'diseases': ['PD protective factor']}]